4 Steps to Connecting with the Present Moment Through Nature

4 Steps to Connecting with the Present Moment Through Nature

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How often do we forget the beauty of nature in the present moment?

Nature is a gift that is always available to us. However, we often forget this simple miracle.

Connecting with nature is one of the easiest ways to be in the now.

Nature isn’t perfect, yet its beauty is the definition of perfection. Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be-just like life.

Sometimes, observing this concept is all it takes to reconnect. Beauty is all around you. Don’t let it simply pass by.

Try these four tips to becoming more mindful through nature…

1. Notice the change in seasons.

Even if you live in a seemingly unchanging climate, nature’s cycle is all around you. What do you see that reflects the present moment? Is it the throws of winter on a snowy day? Is it the summer breeze amidst the green grass? If you’re in a constant climate, what is happening now as a part of the natural cycle of life in the great outdoors?

This is an exercise you can do all year. Any time you need to reconnect with the moment, take a minute to notice what is happening in the present season.

2. Really listen to what you hear…

One of the best examples of the now is what you hear in the great outdoors. How many birds are chirping? Is it windy…or is it calm? Do you hear cars in the background…or is it quiet? Do you hear leaves rustling? Try to find 5 different things that you hear. Listening to what’s around you is a wonderful way to take the mind to what’s going on right here, right now.

3. Look for wildlife.

Wildlife is always around-even if it’s hidden. If you live in a city, this exercise might be more difficult-but not impossible. Take 5 minutes to look for wildlife. Can you find any? If you can, take a moment to observe. What do you see?

4. Scan the landscape.

Take a 360 degree look at everything around you. Look low, look high. Look underneath something (carefully if you’re in an area with snakes). What is right in front of you that you often miss because you’re caught up in thinking?

Remember these exercises for times that you need to bring your mind into the present moment. In nature, you can truly find “the now.”

To your mindfulness,

Dr. Marchand




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