5 Things Mindful People Do Daily

5 Things Mindful People Do Daily

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If you’re working toward being more mindful, consider giving these five things a try.

1. Mindful people try to notice the little things.

When your mind is focused on the present, it’s hard to miss all that’s going on around you. Mindful people strive to be aware of the sights, sounds and physical sensations of the now. You won’t find them skipping out on reality by being preoccupied. Observing all of the little things is a priority. After all, life is about what’s happening right now.

2. Mindful people practice compassion-with themselves and others.    

Without compassion, there can be no lasting happiness or satisfaction in life. This concept is a cornerstone of mindfulness practice. Mindful people make practicing compassion a part of life on a daily basis. Whether it be with a loved one, or a coworker, empathy is a quality that is valued. You’ll find that these people tend to be more forgiving of the imperfections of those around them. Love is viewed as something to be given rather than collected.

3.  Mindful people make it a habit to let go.

The mindful strive to practice the opposite of rumination. Rather than hanging on to repetitive thoughts, they allow them to arise… and then pass. Letting go is a part of daily life. That’s because it’s hard to be focused on the present if you’re caught up in the past or the future.  Rather than letting emotions build up, they remain present with them. They know that “this too shall pass.” Life isn’t about being happy all the time. It’s about being present with the reality of the moment.

4. Mindful people set aside time for meditation every day.

Meditation allows us to keep our attention where we want it. In addition, it calms the natural chaos of the mind. Mindful people make meditation a part of their daily routine. They set aside time for this practice-and make it a priority. Even if they don’t feel like it. Like riding a bike, meditation becomes a practiced skill. And if they fall off the band wagon, they get back in the groove the next day.

5.  Mindful people strive to do one activity at a time.


Though they can be if need be, mindful people try not to be multitaskers. This means you might find them sending a call to voicemail if otherwise occupied. You won’t find them texting while talking to someone, or channel surfing while playing on the Internet.  That’s because they know that being fully present requires doing one thing at a time. Even something as simple as taking out the garbage is done mindfully.

To your mindfulness,

Dr. Marchand





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