5 Tips to Beat Holiday Depression

5 Tips to Beat Holiday Depression

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Are you prepared for the upcoming holiday season?

They say it’s the season to be jolly. But for those battling depression, it can be the most difficult time of year.

If you struggle during the holidays, you’re not alone. Feelings of holiday isolation and sadness can become overwhelming.

To help you cope during the holiday season, I’ve put together this list of 5 tips to beat the holiday blues. I want you to keep this blog post handy and refer to it whenever you feel sadness start to take hold.

Remember…preparedness is key.

1. Get back to your routine.
Routine is one of the most crucial aspects of one’s wellbeing. However, the hustle and bustle of the holidays tends to disrupt the norm. Pencil meditation and healthy meals into your daily plan. If you’ve gotten off track, don’t beat yourself up. Make it a priority to get back in the swing tomorrow. Structure is one of the most important tools to beating depression.

2. Connect with others.
In a season dedicated to togetherness, feelings of isolation can seem overwhelming. If you’re feeling alone, reach out to a friend. And if friends are busy, walk around a mall or check out a local coffee shop. Sometimes just getting out is all it takes to beat the blues.

3. Keep it in perspective.
Don’t take this as me being bah humbug, but a holiday is just one day. Unfortunately, media hype can make the holiday season seem as if it must be spectacular. Some years it is, and some years it isn’t. When you remember to keep holiday hype in perspective, you’re less likely to get swept away in the holiday blues. This may be the best holiday season ever. And if it is, that’s great! But if it isn’t, that’s ok too. Just let today or any day be what it is-one day out of the year that may or may not be filled with cheer.

4. Get moving.
Exercise is one of the fastest ways to boost serotonin (the brain’s happy serum). If you’re in a rut, get out and get moving. If it’s cold and you don’t belong to a gym, take a stroll around the house. When it comes to being active, a little can go a long way. Don’t let yourself fall into a couch funk.

5. Practice gratitude.
If you’re caught up in automatic thoughts of holiday sadness, redirect your focus to giving thanks. Though it may not seem like it, there are good aspects to your life. If you’re struggling to find positives, start with simple things. Gratitude doesn’t have to be complex.

In closing this post, I want you to remember that holiday sadness is normal. It happens to the best of us. Please don’t let it knock you off track. If you’re sad today, chances are you’ll feel different tomorrow. And if you don’t, that’s ok too. Just be where you are and let the holidays unfold.

To your mindfulness,

Dr. Marchand

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