depression-bipolar-coverDepression and Bipolar Disorder: Your Guide to Recovery

Depression and Bipolar Disorder: Your Guide to Recovery is a comprehensive guide to recovery for individuals (and their loved ones) with mood disorders. It stresses the value of using mindfulness interventions as one component of the healing process. It also provides detailed information about pharmacological and psychotherapy interventions and how to work most effectively with treating clinicians.  >>READ MORE


mindfulness-coverMindfulness for Bipolar Disorder: How Mindfulness and Neuroscience Can Help You Manage Your Bipolar Symptoms

Mindfulness—the act of present moment awareness—may be the missing puzzle piece in effectively treating your bipolar disorder. In the book, you will learn how to actively work through feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress in order to improve the quality of your life. Written by a prominent psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and mindfulness teacher who draws upon his research experience and personal mindfulness practice as a monk in the Soto Zen tradition, this book will provide you with the tools needed to get your symptoms under control.  >>READ MORE



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