The Easy Walking Meditation You Can Practice Anywhere

The Easy Walking Meditation You Can Practice Anywhere

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Looking for a change in your meditation routine?


Too often, we think that meditation must be done seated.  But that’s not true.


Walking meditation is a great way to add variety to your practice. In fact, many people use walking meditation as their primary daily form of practice.


So how do you practice walking meditation?


The first thing to know is that you can practice a walking meditation anywhere. In other words, you don’t have to travel to an exotic destination to experience the benefits of this type of meditation. You can walk in a park or take a hike to connect with nature.  Or you can just walk your own street.  There is no right or wrong.


That said, there is one important thing to remember. At the beginning of your practice, set the intention that this walk is for meditation as opposed to just going for a walk. That’s the key to taking yourself to a meditative state.


To start, simply begin walking. Your goal is to keep your attention focused on the present moment. Try not to cling to sights or sounds. Just let them arise and pass.


The mind will wander on autopilot. This is to be expected. Let these thoughts come and go in the background while keeping your attention on what is happening right now.


To bring your attention back to the present moment, notice how the ground feels beneath your feet. Pay attention to the shift in weight with each step, how your toes feel against your socks, and how your shoes feel against your feet. Really take each step mindfully.


Once you’re grounded in the present moment, begin to notice what’s going on around you. What do you see and hear? Look at each thing that you pass. Do you notice evidence of the seasons? Are there birds chirping in the background? If you’re in a city, do you hear traffic?


Another way to practice walking meditation is to walk slowly.  Walk in half steps, moving your foot a half step with each complete breath. In other words, move your right foot forward one half step with an inhalation/exhalation and then move your left foot forward one half step with the next inhalation/exhalation.


For a change in your routine, give this a try. As always, I would love to hear your comments.


To your mindfulness,


Dr. Marchand



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