“I AM Enough”

“I AM Enough”

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I celebrate myself, and sing myself. -Walt Whitman


We are so hard on ourselves. We spend our lives wishing we were more…

More successful, thinner, funnier, wittier, more artistic, more ambitious-and the list goes on.

More. More. More. We are never totally happy with who we are.

We create a kind of infomercial in our minds. It runs over and over-telling us the same story of our faults.

As a result, we find ourselves caught up in the endless cycle of wishing our lives were somehow different.

But in truth, we are “enough” just as we are.

Enough is a word that we must embed in our minds. “I am enough.”

You are exactly where you are supposed to be in this moment in time. You are enough-right here, right now. The universe doesn’t make mistakes.

Be fully present with who you are-and celebrate it. After all, there’s only one YOU!

You are perfect in this moment simply because you exist.

Remember that the next time you question your worth.

To your mindfulness,

Dr. Marchand



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