Life Lessons From Fido: Could your dog actually be a mindfulness teacher?

Life Lessons From Fido: Could your dog actually be a mindfulness teacher?

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It’s no secret that dogs are man’s best friend.  But could your dog also be a mindfulness teacher?

In truth, some of life’s best mindfulness lessons can be learned from our furry friends. Dogs naturally practice mindful living in many ways. And if we take the time to notice, we can learn from them.

Check out these five life lessons that your dog can teach you today.

  1. Live in the present.

Dogs naturally live in the present moment.  Life isn’t about yesterday or tomorrow. It’s about what’s going on right now.  Our furry friends stay focused on exactly what’s going on around them. If they’re hungry, that’s what life is about. And if they go for a walk, they’re focused on the sights and sounds around them.

Imagine if you applied this mindful lesson to your life. What would you notice that might otherwise pass by?

  1. Don’t hold grudges.

Have you ever gotten angry with your dog, only to be greeted with a loving lick two minutes later? Dogs don’t hold grudges and obsess over the little things in life. They let things go. And in most cases, they forgive and forget.

In addition, they’re good at drawing the line between knowing that something isn’t healthy and learning to forgive and forget.  Protection is saved for the big things, and the rest fades away into the moment.

How would this attitude benefit you? And what grudges are you holding onto?

  1. It’s ok to just be.

Man’s best friend doesn’t need to be distracted 24/7. If life is about lounging on the couch and soaking up the joy of the moment, they’re ok with that. They know how to just BE.

This is one of the greatest lessons of mindfulness. It’s OK to just be. Life is about being fully present in the moment-no matter what it entails.

When is the last time you “just let yourself be?”

  1. Accept yourself just as you are.

Your furry friend doesn’t stare in the mirror and find flaws. He’s ok just being himself. Whether he’s big, small, short, or tall, he’s ok with that. He loves himself  just as he is because he knows that he is enough. Self acceptance is a natural thing.

What faults do you find in yourself? And how would self acceptance improve your outlook on life?

  1. Playful moments are a given.

Your dog knows how to let loose. Play isn’t just reserved for puppyhood. It’s a part of life in general. Whether it be chasing a ball or pouncing on that favorite Frisbee, play is a cherished activity. Whether he’s 2 or 12, fun is a natural part of life.

Do you take time to have fun and enjoy life? Imagine if you were to look at life through the eyes of a toddler…what would you see?

Remember these mindfulness tips the next time you’re spending time with your furry friend. Don’t be afraid to let Fido be your teacher.

To your mindfulness,

Dr. Marchand





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