Mindfulness Meditation Challenge Day Three

Mindfulness Meditation Challenge Day Three

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Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. –Mark Twain

Congratulations on making it to day three of this mindfulness meditation challenge. Today’s topic is one of the most important we can address in our lives. It is the simple (yet complex) act of forgiveness.

To me, forgiveness is the idea of letting unpleasant life experiences arise and pass-without clinging to the idea of what should have happened. It is essential in order to decrease the suffering of ourselves and others.

Some of you may be wondering why I would ask you to forgive when the situations you have experienced have been heart breaking.

I look at it like this… In life, we have a bank account of grudges that we hold more dearly to our hearts than we realize. Many of them are just and reasonable. And many aren’t.

These grudges are linked to painful experiences more powerful than words can describe. Unfortunately, when left to smolder, these grudges have the capacity to turn into uncontrolled blazes. And at that point, they begin to define us.

Sure, anger can feel empowering when reflecting on a hurtful situation. However, the danger lies in this…Allowing ourselves to be defined by anger and resentment stifles out joy, growth, and peace.

So how do you begin to forgive? The process of forgiveness is one of letting go. We must release these grudges-like balloons floating away and into the sky.

And that’s where the miracle appears.

Letting go takes us to a new place of peace and prosperity. It allows us to begin a new “bank account” that can hold a positive balance…because for each negative that we release, we create a place in our hearts where positivity can enter.

Exercise One

What grudges are you holding onto? Is holding onto these grudges serving you well? Consider how forgiveness will change your life perspective.

Exercise Two

Meditate on forgiveness for 10 minutes. Pick one of the following mantras.

“I release the anger that holds me back.” “I set myself free with forgiveness.” “I forgive and open my heart to new and positive emotions and experiences.”

Or you can picture balloons, each with one of your grudges engraved in the latex, floating off into the distance. With each one, you can silently say “I release you.”

Well done, my friends. You have completed day three of this mindfulness meditation challenge. See you tomorrow!



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