Mindfulness Meditation Challenge Day Two

Mindfulness Meditation Challenge Day Two

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Miracles happen every day…Change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you. –Jon Bon Jovi

Welcome to day two of the 10 day mindfulness meditation challenge. Today’s focus is something that I think about often.


Do you see your life as partly sunny…or partly cloudy?

I chose Bon Jovi’s quote for this post because it is truly eye opening. We often perceive miracles as needing to be jaw dropping, cloud parting, walk on fire, the whole sky lights up kind of magic.

Yes, many of us have experienced major miracles. We have witnessed a loved one’s unexpected healing, or survived a major accident.

But there’s another type of miracle that we often miss. It’s much simpler. This type of miracle is in every breath and every moment.

That miracle is our life experience. It is nature, the kindness of a stranger, or the small child who smiles at you just as you pass by. It is generosity, unexpected forgiveness, and the entire workings of the world itself.

The truth is that we so often miss these things because we are caught up in the past or focused on the future. We see life from a distorted perspective, picking its painful moments and ruminating about them again and again.

We see part of the truth but not the full reality of any given situation. And we definitely don’t see the moment at hand for what it is-one moment to be lived and cherished.

To begin to see miracles, we must try to change our perception of life to a positive one. It’s all a matter of perspective-and we can choose to take the road of positivity.

Exercise One
Ask yourself these questions. And take notes if this feels comfortable to you.

1. Is my life partly sunny or partly cloudy? And really what is the difference?

2. What situations in my life can I try to look at more positively?

3. Am I missing life’s simple miracles?

Exercise Two

Get comfortable and prepare to meditate. Sit anywhere you feel at ease. Don’t worry about the formality of the practice. But set a timer if you think you might be concerned with time.

Choose one of these mantras and use it as the focal point of your meditation.

“Today, I celebrate the positives of my life.” OR “Today, I choose to embrace a positive perspective. I will see life’s little miracles.”

Now meditate for 10 minutes.

Congratulations! You have just completed day two of the 10 day mindfulness meditation challenge.

Feel free to chat about this in our Facebook group. And as always, I’m available to answer questions.

See you tomorrow!



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