Mood Anxiety & Disorders

Resources for those with depression, bipolar disorders and anxiety

There is now very good evidence that mindfulness can be an important tool in the recovery toolbox for those with depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety. You can use the free resources on this website to start your mindfulness practice today.


Help if you are in crisis


Finding help and support organizations


Additional resources for sale


depression-bipolar-cover Depression and Bipolar Disorder:  Your Guide to Recovery is a comprehensive guide to recovery for individuals (and their loved ones) with mood disorders.  It stresses the value of using mindfulness interventions as one component of the healing process.   It also provides detailed information about pharmacological and psychotherapy interventions and how to work most effectively with treating clinicians.

Solving the Bipolar Puzzle: Discover How Mindfulness Is the Powerful Missing Piece in Managing Your Bipolar Disorder Symptoms is Dr. Marchand’s forthcoming book that will help those with bipolar disorder use mindfulness as a key component of their recovery toolkit.



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