On Finding Joy…

On Finding Joy…

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Time and time again, people ask me a seemingly complex question. “Bill, how do I find joy?”

I bet you’re expecting a laundry list of answers. Well think again.

The answer is simpler than you’d think. In fact, it’s pretty immediate. And it’s pretty amazing.

Joy is found through mindfulness itself. 

The truth is that mindfulness and joy are a team. Like a hand in that perfect fitting glove.

We think that we have to find joy, but that’s not the case.  It isn’t found in yesterday’s news, or even tomorrow’s triumphs.

Joy is found in what’s in front of you-right here, right now.

To understand this concept, I want you to think about the following question.

How many times have you missed out on the beauty of a moment because your mind was somewhere else?

That really got your attention, right?

We miss out on countless moments because we are thinking about the past, the future, or something in between. As a result, we spend our lives searching for something, somewhere.

This is how we get caught up in a trap. It’s an endless loop that never reaches a destination.

Happiness and joy aren’t waiting for you somewhere else at some other time.

They’re already here- available to you right now. You just have to be able to
see that they’ve been with you all along.

From the viewpoint of mindful awareness, you can be happy and joyful in this very moment. 

And in the next moment.

And the one after that.

That’s the gift of mindfulness. The only place happiness and joy can ever be found is right here, right now.

Simply being present with the beauty in every moment transforms life as we know it. It’s a game changer because we gain  the ability to see joy for what it is.

Joy is being fully present with the things that are already occurring in our lives.

Look around you right now and see if there isn’t some beauty hiding right in front of your eyes.

You see? That’s the joy of the present moment.

In closing this post, I want you to remember this…

Joy isn’t something we get from some place at some other time.  You can’t get it – because you already have it.

You only have to be able to see that it’s been with you all along

Remember that the next time you’re searching…

To your mindfulness,

Dr. Marchand



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