The Big Four: 4 Life Concepts Everyone Should Embrace

The Big Four: 4 Life Concepts Everyone Should Embrace

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Four seemingly obvious concepts. Concepts that we often forget to embrace.

How would your life change if you made these four concepts a priority?

1. Practice compassion.

Make it a habit to practice compassion-for yourself and others. Every single dayCompassion is an amazing thing. It’s infectious. When we feel good, others feel good-and vice versa. In addition, compassion is good for your health.  Make compassion a part of your daily focus. You’ll be surprised at how good practicing this simple concept can make you feel.

 2. Be grateful-every single day.

How much do you take for granted? We spend so ample amounts of time wishing life was different. And in the process, we forget to be grateful for all of the positives in our lives. Practicing an attitude of gratitude is one of the most important things in life. In gratitude, there is no angst. There is only positivity and appreciation.  Remember to practice gratitude on a daily basis.

3. Accept change.

In life, one thing is certain: things can’t and won’t remain the same. Change will happen-like it or not. It’s inevitable. Unfortunately, we seem to forget this simple concept. The more we resist change, the more unnecessary suffering we add to our lives. As the old saying goes, don’t be the rock in the river. Make accepting change a part of your life on a daily basis.

4. Always forgive.

Forgiveness is the idea of letting unpleasant life experiences arise and pass-without clinging to the idea of what should have happened. Sure, it can seem empowering to hold on to grudges. But forgiveness is essential in order to decrease the suffering of ourselves and others. In other words, it’s an act that we need to engage in in order to be healthy. (Even if the circumstances involved are heart breaking.) Just remember that forgiveness does not mean that the actions of others were right and just. It means that you’ve chosen to release the pain and move on with your life. What a gift!

To your mindfulness,

Dr. Marchand



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