The Monday Mindful Minute…On Joy

The Monday Mindful Minute…On Joy

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The Monday Mindful Minute
On Finding Joy…
Time and time again, people ask me a seemingly complex question. “Bill, how do I find joy?”
The answer is simple.
The joy of life isn’t found in yesterday’s news or tomorrow’s triumphs. It’s found in what’s in front of you-right here, right now.
How many times have you missed out on the beauty of a moment because your mind was somewhere else?
You were probably thinking about the past, the future, or something in between. You were probably searching for something, somewhere.
Happiness and joy aren’t waiting for you somewhere else at some other time.
They’re already here- available to you right now. You just have to be able to see that happiness and joy have been with you all along.
From the viewpoint of mindful awareness, you can be happy and joyful in this very moment.
And in the next moment.
And the one after that.
That’s the gift of mindfulness. Simply being present with the beauty in every moment is transformative. And that, my friends, is what happiness and joy are all about.
Remember that the next time you’re searching…



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