The Monday Mindful Minute…On Life’s Little Detours

The Monday Mindful Minute…On Life’s Little Detours

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How many times have you grunted and groaned because something didn’t go according to plan?

Come on now…be honest. We’re all guilty.

Think about that last time you were late because the guy in front of you conveniently stopped at a yellow light. That’s always fun, right?

As the old saying goes, that’s life. However, we’re masters at tuning this concept out.

We think we can plan, arrange, and control everything. But the universe has a mind of its own- throwing twists and turns at every stop.

It’s frustrating…for all of us. We get trapped in thinking life should be a certain way- a way it almost never is.

There’s no clear map or blueprint of life’s master plan. There are only guidelines.

In truth, life is like a song we don’t know by heart. The beat may seem familiar, but the lyrics are unpredictable. It moves and flows as it wishes in an unrehearsed production with no scripted dialogue.

Acceptance of the reality of the moment is the single most important concept of mindfulness. We can’t control that guy who stops at the yellow light. Really, the only thing we can truly control is the way we react.

This leaves us with two choices. We can agonize… or we can accept. We can choose to accept the blindness and say yes to the curve balls that life throws us.

Or we can resist.

The choice is yours. Which road will you take?

Will you accept life’s little detours?



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