What is mindfulness?

What is mindfulness?

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We’re told to live it, love it, and learn how to practice it…but what is it?

Is it a way of thinking? Is it a feeling? Is it some kind of meditation?

The concept of mindfulness is really quite simple.

Mindfulness is the now.

It is today and not tomorrow. It is the present and not the future. And above all, it is the awareness of exactly what is going on in this moment in time.

The truth is that too many moments come and go-unembraced.

And why wouldn’t they? We naturally get wrapped up in what was or what will be. As a result, our minds wander off into the pain of the past or the fear of the future.

The problem with this is that it causes us to completely miss out on the present moment.

Time slides by in a haze of distraction.

The perfect example of this is the moment when we drive and realize that we’ve arrived at our destination with no recollection whatsoever. This happens because we get “lost in the haze.”

With mindful awareness, we gain the ability to reclaim these moments each and every day. 

The blur gives way to clarity.

That’s because the purpose of mindfulness is to observe and appreciate every single moment in life.  Each breath becomes a precious gift that we try not to take for granted.

You see, there is a unique beauty that can only be found in the present moment.

This beauty becomes apparent by being fully present with our lives. We learn to accept and appreciate each moment as it is-and then move on to the next.

In closing this post, I want you to think about this…

The now is really all we have. The past is gone and the future is not yet a reality.

Don’t let the present moment pass you by. Notice it. Appreciate it. And be grateful for it.

To your mindfulness,

Dr. Marchand




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